Thomas Beale (principal)


20 years' experience in EHR technology and standards, information modelling, semantic interoperability, e-health strategy and open health computing platforms.


Principal Architect

Articles and publications


Knowledge-based standards development, software engineering, education, business development, industry analysis and thought leadership since 1986, including in real time control, finance, and e-health. Lead of Specification Program.

Thomas's early experience was in CMM level 4 engineering of real-time control systems. He also worked in some of the largest financial enterprises in Australia, in both a strategic advisory capacity and on project implementation. He has worked in e-health since 1994, when he was the technical advisor for the Good European Health Record (GEHR) project.

Since 1998, he has been involved in international e-health standards development (OMG, HL7, CEN, IHTSDO), including as an IHTSDO Technical Committee member 2009-2012. He has worked on the openEHR architecture since 2001.